How to Find the Best Web Hosting Service?

If you want to give your visitors of your site the best experience, it is in the imperative that you choose the best web hosting service. But how do you decide that the web hosting service you found before is better over the other? Here are a couple of tips.

Define Your Web Hosting Needs

Let’s assume you’re looking for the best website hosting in India, then let’s assume you’ve got a basic business site that doesn’t need much resources and won’t have that much traffic. Based on those factors I’d say you should go with a shared hosting plan which is fairly cheap, combined with WordPress. This would be the most efficient and affordable way to get your business online. The following list will give you ideas on what your website needs.

  • The kind of site you are building
  • Consider whether or not you want something common like a blog powered by WordPress
  • Do you need any applications by Windows
  • Should there be any particular version of the software being used
  • Does the website you build need any special software
  • How small or big will the volume of web traffic go

These are just basic ideas that you can draft your needs on. You might find yourself asking new ones as you go along in building up your website. You can also get a quick picture of how your site is going to be when you launch it right now. Also, take the time to foresee how your site is going to be in the next year.

For newbies

If you are totally new to this whole website thing, the best route to take would be to start small and pick an enough good hosting account, most preferably a shared hosting type. The reason why it has to be a shared hosting account is that it is easy to maintain, not to mention cheap and even the most sufficient for new sites. Also, you have the option to upgrade to a different hosting account, either you go for VPS or dedicated hosting. You only consider either one when your site grows bigger.

One of the most difficult choices to make is definitely your first web host. There are so many factors to consider, like uptime (see below), support (phone vs chat), disk space, ssd vs hdd, etc. There are a few ways to make sure you end up with a web host you can rely on. The first way is to do the research yourself and immerse yourself in the hosting world and its terminology. The second way, is to just look for some decent round-ups for your country, if you were living in Australia for example, you could look for web hosting reviews Australia. This  is a bit a shortcut, but be aware that you don’t get fooled here, browser around these review sites to make sure they’re legit. Good Luck!

Uptime Scores and Server Reliability

This is the most important feature that you must examine carefully. A web host is expected to operate all the time. You should look for a web host that runs on a very powerful server with network connections that are stable. The recommended uptime score should be 99.5% and above, while below it is unacceptable.

It may be difficult to obtain some information regarding the uptime score of a web hosting service, but there are other means to find them. You should look for hosting service reviews. They publish the uptime scores there based on their test sites every single time they are given a chance to do so. You can also track the web host you choose using various server monitor tools. Many of these monitoring tools are provided free on trial for you to use. It usually lasts for thirty days.



Top 5 Ways To Design A Minimalist Website

  • Convey a single idea through dramatic photography

A picture can convey what a thousand words cannot. And one dramatic photograph can convey a story that truly draws in the essence of the website content. What is the ‘one’ thing that you believe is the theme and concept of your web design? That can be brought forth through a photograph aptly placed in a minimalist setting. For example, if you want to highlight Australian tourism, showcase exceptional photographs of Australia and its beautiful landscapes on the web. You can choose the best way to use and highlight the photographs.

  • Build words with a bold typography

Bold typography does not just mean bold colors like black and red. It means bringing a style of writing that spells out its own accent on screen. The content is kept to a minimum because a much larger effect is created through building designs and sequences around the typography. How the words are designed and arranged around the central theme would do more magic than detailed explanations.

  • Capitalize on contrasts

Contrast through colors, contrast through designs, contrast through element placement and much more. A muted background that brings out font and photograph colors is only an example of how contrasts can be best used for designing minimalist websites. Through shape, scale, placement and location contrasts can be best capitalized to let you design the best minimalist website design.

Even through different font styles, this contrast can be designed. For instance a bold stroke and thick font style could highlight the central idea that is pivotal to articulating ideas to the user.

  • Create a negative space to accentuate positive aspects.

A negative space determines the appeal of the website page. It is not just about using bold colors or single color; instead it is an art of defining the positive elements of the website and accentuates other elements in the interface. It is a very classy way of bringing people’s attention to the most important aspect of the web page. Not just with bold colors but even with vast landscapes like that of Australia, a negative space can be created. You can place Australia’s grasslands in background to bring forth a sense of space that will not be best conveyed through words.

  • Simplify the navigation design.

Navigation through the website is one aspect that is to be artistically designed and looped with a sense of user requirement. The designer needs an instinctive idea about how and why the user would navigate the way he does. But a simple navigation design would time and again convey one single idea with great clarity and precision. It lets the user be led through the website exactly in the way the designer wants it to be understood.


If the design of your website is very simple and easy to use, you can expect the readers to check it out and visit again depending on their needs. Actually, if you do not have enough knowledge on the right web design that you need for your Brisbane website, there are some web designers that you can ask for help from. They will surely know the things that need to be done for your site and you can be assured on what you are going to get from them. But to be guided, there are some things you have to do and avoid.

web design monitors

Different Things to Do

There are some things that you need to do when it comes to getting the web design that is perfect for you and to your readers. Some of the things that you should do may include the following below:

  • Do hire the best and most reliable Brisbane based web designer in the market to help you out on this. They should be the one to give the design that you need and you just need to pay them accordingly.
  • Do have a very simple design that is easier to load and visit by your readers, especially to those people who may not have a very fast internet connection.
  • Do know the possible preferences and expectations of your readers and consider it when you are planning to the design of your website.
  • Do make sure that your website is mobile friendly and could be viewed conveniently in mobile devices like tablets and smart phones which could help you to make more people check out and use your site for their needs and preferences.


Different Things to Avoid

On the other hand, there are also some things that needs to be avoided when you are having the design of your website that could be perfect for your preferences. Some of those things are the following below:

  • Avoid having too bright colors of fonts to your site, especially if you are sharing useful content to your readers. That could give some problems to your readers, as they will have a hard time in reading your content.
  • Avoid putting a lot of videos and images to your site, especially in the homepage. It could make the page to load slower and could give a hard time to your readers.

Keep those things in mind and get started with the design of your site! Get in touch today!


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