Pantone Announces Color of the Year: Living Coral

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Pantone’s annual quest to dominate the “and finally…” portion of the pre-festive news has kicked off, with the announcement of its Color of the Year for 2019. The official selection for the coming year is Living Coral, or specifically 16-1546 … Continued

The Web Can’t Go Home Again

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It’s far too easy to look back and imagine that everything was better then than it is now. God knows I miss being a skinny teenager, but I don’t want the acne back. The hormones can just shove right off, … Continued

Incorporate Bohemian Style Into Your Designs

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The Bohemian Style, also known as Boho Chic, appeared as a counterculture movement in the early 19th century, in England, but it only became popular worldwide in the 90’s. Back then, the term described the people who rejected the norms of … Continued

3 Essential Design Trends, December 2018

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It can be hard to think about, and take on new design projects at this time of year. Maybe a little design inspiration is just the thing to pep you up and get you thinking about wrapping up those projects. … Continued

5 Ways to Communicate With Non-Visual Thinkers

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Many, if not most designers will at some point encounter this scenario: they’ve just completed a digital wire-frame for a new project, with a new client. They’ve thought long and hard about the placement of everything, and they’re ready for … Continued

5 Trends of Voice UI Design

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At its core, the concept of interaction was always about communication. Human-Computer Interaction has never been about graphical user interfaces, which is why Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) are the future of user interface design. An interface is just a medium … Continued

What Makes a Great Ecommerce Website?

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Ecommerce has removed many of the geographical limitations of buying and selling. People no longer have to live in proximity to a store to obtain its products. But, as online retailers know, one of the challenges in ecommerce is facilitating … Continued

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