3 Strategies to Follow When Your Site is Failing

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Here are 3 strategies you should consider if your website is struggling. We’ll cover: Web analytics and split testing In-person testing Simplifying your sales process If possible, implement these strategies ahead of time before you run into any issues. I’m … Continued

The Latest Research for Web Designers, February 2020

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In the following roundup of the latest research for web designers, I’ve included reports and surveys that shed light on: The battle between mobile and desktop, Why so many websites keep getting hacked, What’s keeping ecommerce business owners awake at night, and What … Continued

3 Essential Design Trends, February 2020

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Designers are embracing big, bold concepts with oversized elements, bright color, and even a little rule-breaking. (The best part? Most of these trends seem to overlap somewhat.) Here’s what’s trending in design this month. Homepage Headline Heroes Homepage hero areas … Continued

Website Optimization for Mobile Devices

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There are billions of people on Earth and more and more people are using mobile phones. A mobile phone gives you access to the world. If you have a small business, target their phones. That’s where they get all their … Continued

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