5 Ways to Communicate With Non-Visual Thinkers

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Many, if not most designers will at some point encounter this scenario: they’ve just completed a digital wire-frame for a new project, with a new client. They’ve thought long and hard about the placement of everything, and they’re ready for … Continued

5 Trends of Voice UI Design

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At its core, the concept of interaction was always about communication. Human-Computer Interaction has never been about graphical user interfaces, which is why Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) are the future of user interface design. An interface is just a medium … Continued

What Makes a Great Ecommerce Website?

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Ecommerce has removed many of the geographical limitations of buying and selling. People no longer have to live in proximity to a store to obtain its products. But, as online retailers know, one of the challenges in ecommerce is facilitating … Continued

Amazing Tips on Left Handed Lettering

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Just as technology evolves, we, as designers need to improve ourselves by adding skills to our toolkit. If I had to answer the question “What makes a good designer?”, the list wouldn’t be too short. In fact, agencies look for multi-skilled … Continued

Tips to Choosing the Best Logo Font

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Choosing the best font for your logo is not a minor step in creating your brand’s identity. In fact, when your business receives some recognition, simply seeing the font you chose but in another context, will make people think of your … Continued

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