5 Web Design Trends That Unfolded in 2021

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Given all the drama, panic and fear that dominated 2020, we are seeing brands tone down their usage of color in 2021. Businesses, their customers, and the population as a whole have had to make adjustments. and may have to make … Continued

9 Tips for Better Live Logo Design

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Have you ever wondered why we’re so amazed by motion? A moving image is more likely to grab your attention than a static one. Motion is exciting and attention-grabbing – plus, it allows us to access more information in a … Continued

Stark Launches Public Library For Accessibility

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Inclusive design is all about designing sites with everyone in mind instead of designing for your own preferences. It’s an essential component in a professional-grade site and the cornerstone of a successful project. Accessibility (A11y for short) is the technical … Continued

A Brief Guide to WordPress Web Design

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WordPress is one of the world’s most popular and flexible platforms for creating websites and managing content, with hundreds of millions of users taking advantage of its tools. It is capable of accommodating sites of all sizes, from basic blogs … Continued

Key and Surface Tracking Comes to Chrome

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[– For those that didn’t spot it: this post was an April Fools joke, no one can track you by the way you type! –] This week Google announced further details of its plan to remove cookies from ad tracking. … Continued

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