Apple Redesign Makes Buying a Lot Easier

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Today received a big overhaul. At first glance you may think the layout looks exactly the same – and mostly you’d be right. But the flow of user experience for purchasing stuff has been completely revamped. This new design … Continued

WordPress Developer

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It could be very easy to work with WordPress but at times it gets really complicated. In this article, we are going to talk about the basic concepts of working with WordPress which are required to be understood by a … Continued

Latest web design News

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actually it is an accurateness that individuals even cannot acquire above throughout our life. Bodies consistently cry audibly that there has to be something in this able angel that is abounding and not materialistic, but the activity could there be … Continued

Smarter Video Handling With Cloudinary

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In the present tutorial we are going to create a simple web application to handle video manipulation for the web, we will upload a video file to the cloud and perform live transcoding and transformations on-the-fly to created a tailored … Continued

6 ways to harness social media for your brand

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Social media has become a constant in modern daily life. By now it’s not uncommon for grandparents to have their own profiles on Facebook. This means that marketing on social media is beginning to have less limits on possible target … Continued

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