Nine Types of Graphic Design to Familiarize Yourself With

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Graphic designers are artists who create visual concepts that tell stories, captivate audiences, and create long-lasting memories. Although graphic designers tend to operate under the same title, they practice many different types of graphic design. The difference between the types of … Continued

5 Inspirational Designs Trends to Follow for 2019

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5 Inspirational Designs Trends to Follow for 2019   Design is all about expressing yourself through your art and showing people the beauty in simple or incredibly intricate designs. While you should always stay true to yourself and be authentically … Continued

10 Best Mobile Apps for Learning to Code

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What’s even better is that you don’t have to spend years mastering programming either. Thanks to numerous coding apps available for both Android and iOS devices, you can easily level up your coding skills even when you’re on the go. … Continued

Is Google Toast?

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For those too young to remember, the Browser Wars entailed a tech rush by, among others, Netscape and Microsoft, resulting in useless features being implemented because they were fast to bolt-on, and useful features being rushed because they were hard. … Continued

Design Trends That Have Been Taking Over This Year

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So you thought you could make a functional website and leave it at that. Don’t worry, it’s a mistake that happens often, mostly because consumers frequently emphasize the importance of functionality when it comes to (web) design. However, they forget … Continued

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