Inspirational Designer of The Week – Meet Aurélien Salomon

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Welcome back to this week’s edition of Inspirational Designer of The Week! Today, I’m honored to welcome Aurélien Salomon to the scene. [source] Aurélien Salomon is an exceptionally talented French UI/UX designer who plays by his own rules. And by … Continued

Pantone Announces its Color of 2020

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Each year, at this time, Pantone nominates a color — or colors, in the case of 2016 — to represent humanity’s hopes and aspirations for the coming year. At least, that is what its PR department sends out. In reality, … Continued

Is There a Viable Alternative to Javascript?

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The short answer to the title question is “no.” The long answer is more complex, and begins with, “kindof…” There are several JavaScript alternatives for developers, but (for now) they have to be transpiled into JavaScript before they’re deployed. People … Continued

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