11 Must-Have Apps for Web Designers

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One of the perks of freelancing is that you can work from pretty much anywhere. However, the pressures of staying connected to work may leave you stuck behind a computer all day anyway. While there’s something to be said for … Continued

3 Essential Design Trends, October 2018

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This month’s trends have something in common: You’ve probably seen all of these ideas before, maybe just presented in a slightly different way. Designers are returning to dark backgrounds, large headers and cards to encourage engagement, and get users interested … Continued

Mailchimp Unveils Quirky Rebrand

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If any single tech company embodies the spirit of web-savvy, then it is Mailchimp. Since its beginnings as a side-project in the early-2000s the marketing service has walked the line between creative experiences, and simple usability. Mailchimp is one of … Continued

Get People Motivated With Your Blog

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There are many different types of blogs. Some are strictly informational, while others aim to create a community of like-minded individuals. Blogs with unique content and writers with personality have a good chance of bringing in a large number of … Continued

6 Ways to Speed Up Slow Clients

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Frustrated with your client? Beginning to wish you’d never taken this job on in the first place? Do you just need some feedback so that you can move forward? Picture it: You’ve managed to land a great gig with a … Continued

20 Freshest Web Designs, September 2018

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Welcome to our roundup of the best websites launched (or relaunched with major updates) in the last four weeks. September marks the beginning of Fall in the northern hemisphere, and reflecting that change, we’re seeing fewer light, airy, minimal designs, … Continued

Infographic: The Future of E-Commerce

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Worldwide, retail e-commerce sales totaled $ 2.29 trillion last year. By the end of this year they’ll have reached $ 2.8 trillion. If the trend continues apace, e-commerce sales will reach a whopping $ 4.479 trillion by 2021. The message … Continued

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