4 Steps to Improve PageSpeed Insights Score and SEO

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PageSpeed Insights is a free performance measurement tool provided by Google. It analyzes the contents of a web page for desktop and mobile devices. It provides a single number score (from 1 to 100) that summarizes several underlying metrics that … Continued

Best Changeable Letter Boards

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Are you planning to purchase a changeable letter board, and then this review is for you. You can use the board to help your children learn much as they figure out things independently. Thanks to these boards, which can be … Continued

The Pros and Cons of Tailwind CSS

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As a utility-first CSS framework, Tailwind has rapidly become popular among developers. With its fast styling process and the freedom it offers when designing a website, it’s really no wonder why. But how can you make sure this is the … Continued

8 Freelance Project Management Apps for 2021+

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In my experience, the biggest challenge that freelancers face — more than winning clients or setting prices — is project management; take on too much work, and you’ll start missing deadlines, take on too little, and you’ll start missing your … Continued

Quiz: The Maddeningly Difficult Metadata Quiz

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Metadata is an essential component of any website. It clarifies the meaning behind your content in a way that search engines, and browsers are able to understand. Using metadata effectively can mean the difference between a successful site, and a … Continued

Exciting New Tools for Designers, September 2021

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Since school is back in session, this month’s roundup has a learning focus. In addition to tools, many of the resources include guides, tutorials, and cheat sheets to help make design work easier. Here’s what’s new for designers this month. … Continued

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