Most Common Data Leaks in Visual Information

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When we talk about information security, we usually talk about written data, databases, and data sets filled with sensitive information. We instinctively think about our private email address or phone number being shared online when the words privacy and information … Continued

How to Deliver Dramatic UX with Weatherstack’s API

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weatherstack provides real-time, historical, and even forecast data up to 14 days in advance. Licensed from some of the world’s biggest weather stations and weather data providers, the information provided by weatherstack’s simple to use API gives you an accurate … Continued

3 Essential Design Trends, October 2019

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There’s a bonus trend in the roundup this month. (Four trends rather than three…but you’ll have to find it!) Our more obvious collection of trends are visual elements – skinny vertical design blocks, a shift to tiny logos and branding … Continued

Is It Time to Embrace AMP?

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If you own a website, you should have at least heard the term AMP before. If you haven’t, it’s likely you will hear more about it very soon. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project has impacted the user experience of … Continued

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