Cultivating Customer Confidence with UX

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Businesses rely on designers to help them build the perfect relationship with visitors. After all, as much as companies may wish it wasn’t true, many consumers still judge a book by its cover. A website that fails to prioritize concepts … Continued

Collaborative Task Management with Taskade

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Productivity is a crowded space, with countless apps and services promising to make your life and business easier and more profitable. Of all the apps that make that promise, very few deliver, but we’ve found one that does: Taskade. Flexible … Continued

10 Cool WordPress Plugins You Should Check Out

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If you have a WordPress website, you’re obviously aware of the benefits this premier open-source website-building platform brings to the table. But are you aware of the legion of website and business enhancement tools lying in wait among the thousands … Continued

3 Essential Design Trends, July 2021

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This month, you will either love or hate the featured design trends. The common theme among them is a strong design element that can create distinct emotional connections. They range from interesting monotone color choices to brutalist examples to AI-inspired … Continued

20 Best New Sites, June 2021

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Ever since online stores first emerged they’ve faced one big challenge compared to their real world rivals; yes, it’s convenient to shop wherever, whenever you want, and delivery options permitting, buy from anyone anywhere in the world. But it’s a … Continued

Poll: Are You Excited by Windows 11?

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It’s only been a few days since Microsoft officially followed Apple past the $ 2 Trillion valuation mark, and having done so it appears to be mimicking more of its long-term rival’s approach with hardware cut-offs and a macOS-style GUI … Continued

Tips To Improve Your E-Commerce Website Design

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Is your e-commerce web design no more interesting? Is it not earning revenues as earlier?  What does it indicate?  The time has come to improve your e-commerce website design. You need to consider what to include in your e-commerce website … Continued

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