Understanding Permissions in Android M

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Introduction Prior to the M release, the Android permissions model has been an all-or-nothing decision for users at install time. This meant that if a user wanted to use an app, they first had to accept every permission included in … Continued

PSD to WordPress

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If you have worked on photoshop, then you must have some knowledge regarding PSD format. In Photoshop, you work in layers to build image and when you save that image, it saves in PSD format. Usually the image size in … Continued

Exploring OwnCloud Desktop and Mobile Applications

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What You’ll Be Creating What’s OwnCloud? OwnCloud provides a free, open source file sharing and application server and platform with desktop and smartphone applications, allowing you to create a personal or corporate cloud under your own control. If you’re a … Continued

Web Design for WordPress

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WordPress is being used for more and more corporate web designs and there are an almost limitless number of additional functions, plugins and customisation available today.  WordPress has developed from its beginnings as a simple blogging tool to a versatile … Continued

WordPress Training

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Este es mi Twitter https://www.twitter.com/tavorecinos Enlace a Hostgator http://goo.gl/nTuHMy El curso se divide en Que Es WordPress Min: 0:00 Compra de Alojamiento y Dominio 6:12 Cupon de Hostgator: 10:42 Instalar WordPress: 17:39 Pasar WordPress a Español 20:52 Instalar Plugins: 24:46 … Continued

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

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Most people don’t even think about this but really should. Having a fast loading website brings a lot of benefits to the table! The webmasters that do care usually tackle 2 main aspects, image compression and caching. Image compression means … Continued

WordPress Developer

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It could be very easy to work with WordPress but at times it gets really complicated. In this article, we are going to talk about the basic concepts of working with WordPress which are required to be understood by a … Continued

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