How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

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Most people don’t even think about this but really should. Having a fast loading website brings a lot of benefits to the table! The webmasters that do care usually tackle 2 main aspects, image compression and caching.

Image compression means stripping any imagery from useless data so the final file is a lot smaller, you don’t have to do this manually of course as WordPress does have an array of image compression plugins available. Caching on other hand can get a bit more involved. Caching is the practice of serving static html files instead of the usual scripts, drastically increasing page speed. And increasing page speed not only leads to fewer people leaving the site due to its long load times, but it also improves conversion rate, as we know how little time people have these days. They look something up on Google, go to the site, and expect everything to load in 3 seconds! If it takes any longer, you can lose up to 40% of all browsers… so speeding up your WordPress site will truly make a great impact on your lead flow!

MangoMatter’s Solution

With that being said, while both of these are incredibly important, there are actually a lot more things you can do to improve your page load speed. Luckily for us, MangoMatter has just published a great post with 9 ways on how to speed up WordPress, check it out ->

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