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The Logo for a common man is the sign of the company. Logos vary from company to company and industry to industry. It is not necessary that the logo should be based only on the alphabets that are prominent in the name of the business. The logo at times has an image too that directly related to the industry to which it belongs.

In the virtual world of internet the visitors have a very less time to study the website. During this short span of time the visitor wants to be assured that he/she is still on the website of the business identity which interests him. This is where the logo plays an important role.

The web design should be such that it convinces the visitor to buy the products offered by the website. One of the main elements for convincing the visitor is trust development. Since the website is not a person, the web design should be equipped with all the ammunition required to convince the buyer. The images especially the logo is such ammunition.

The presence of logo on every web page and the linking of the logo with the home page is one of the key elements required for the success of the website.

The logo and the web design should be unique. If these are copied, sooner or later the visitor is going to know about it and this is going to reflect negatively upon the goodwill of the website.

Once a logo and web design is prepared, it is difficult to change them, because the people are usually going to identify and relate that logo with the company. This means that the logo needs to be prepared after thorough research about the products/services offered by the company and the prospective buyer’s behavior.

The logo should be simple, easy to understand and easy to relate to the company which it represents. The logo should be easy to remember.

The mere look of the logo should reveal what industry and company it belongs to. The importance of logo on the internet and conventional market is so much that the logo needs to be registered and subject to the copy write acts.

Most of the basic principles of conventional marketing are also applicable to the virtual world of the internet. The logo relates to the brand loyalty of the buyers. Normally the buyers’ just look at the logo and are assured that the product or service origin is the company that they prefer.

When you want to get a logo and a web design prepared by a professional web design company, ask the service provider to provide you with at least three logos and web designs. Compare the visual effect of the alternatives and then select the best logo and web design that you think could serve the purpose.

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