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Python Django Tutorial Web Development with Python Part 2: Launching the website

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Python is one of the most popular and growing languages, and was somewhat lacking in the web development arena for a while. Eventually, multiple web frame works began to appear, and Django became the most popular. There are many others, such as Flask, web2py, and bottle. Each framework has its own characteristics and should be considered depending on your project.

Django, Flask, and web2py are all great options. Django is the largest and most supported, so if you happen to learn by example, this might be the best choice. Django also just seems to have more documentation. Flask and web2py are both slightly more basic at their core. web2py doesn’t require much at all, which is why many prefer it. Django forces you into having a semi-complex website, where web2py does not. Flask is somewhere in the middle. That said, you can make very simple websites with Django, and very complex websites with web2py.

If you intend to have a content-management-driven website with a significant database, then Django should definitely be considered. If you want to go with Django, then this tutorial series might just be for you. In this series, we create a simple blog-like website, do some basic HTML5 design, and show how to add python code in the back ground and display the return of any script. In our case, the return is the outputted Matplotlib graph that our backend script creates. Below is a picture of the finished product.

Sample code for this series:
Launching the website and the admin.

sqlite part 1:
sqlite part 2:
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The demand for websites has dramatically increased during the last decade and today, all businesses are looking for a custom website that will portray their company as a professional one. Your website should be attractive and have information about your products and services. If you are looking for an appealing website that will make your firm stand out, you should think of getting a flash website done by your Toronto web design company.

A flash website will give you an edge over your competition. It gives your customers a fully interactive experience as it is integrated with video, audio and 3D graphics. Moreover, you designer can develop interactive images and animations that can be incorporated in your website. Another plus with a flash website is that when it has been loaded, there is no need of reloading when the user clicks a link to move to a different section of the website.

However, it is important to note that flash websites do not rank as well as plain HTML websites in search engines. If you are concerned about your rankings, a good way to counter this is to incorporate some HTML pages in your flash website. The pages can easily get ranked for the keywords you are targeting and you will still have full functionality and interactivity of the flash website.

Typically, flash websites cost more than plain HTML ones. This is because they have a major impact than HTML websites and are also more interactive. You will have to meet or contact your web designer Toronto firm to discuss the concept of your website. The web designer Toronto has to know the demographics of the people you are targeting in order for the web designer Toronto to develop a working concept for your website.

A flash website is a sure way of standing out from the crowd in your niche market and providing your visitors with a fully interactive experience on the web.

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