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* India Web Wide Designs charges a standard rate of $ 150.00 for not project based website design and page construction.
The Website Process

Our website design team has had the pleasure in creating thousands of successful websites for many different types of businesses over the past 16 years and we’ve touched just about every industry. All of websites we design are based on the known search engine algorithm variables making our websites truly search engine optimized.
We pride ourselves on providing understandable, affordable information websites and technology business solutions. We understand how important technology is to your business and website and how it can be leveraged to help your employees reduce their workload, increase their efficiency, and better meet your customers’ needs.
Our process for designing and developing a search engine optimized website begins with gathering as much information as we can about the client. Prior to the actual website design we try to learn the goals of the website and the topic or industry the website is about. Once our team of web development professionals has a firm understanding of the client and the project, we then make suggestions to the client about the overall content to be included in the website. These suggestions are a combination of our years of website design experience as well as information acquired while researching the industry or topic the website will be about.
After the content of the site has been determined, the creative team then comes up with a “mockup image” representing what the website design could potentially look like when constructed. After receiving client feedback and making a couple revisions to the website design mockup, the website is finally constructed.
We understand every project has unique needs and ensure what we deliver is custom designed to your specifications. Over the past four years, we have worked with over 100 clients and know what it takes for a successful online presence. Contact us today at +91.987.266.8896 or simply complete our contact form on the right to get started and take advantage of a free consultation.
Website design mockup
If you are an experienced web developer and just need help with the actual website design, then India Web Wide Designs are more than willing to help. Our team of website design professionals can construct a website mockup for your new website and supply it to you in either a .psd or a .png format. For more information on website mockups and how India Web Wide Designs goes about designing a new website mockup you can check out our “How to make a website mockup page” located in our work section.
Website design, homepage and inner template
If you have some web development experience but are not comfortable with constructing entire web pages, then maybe you could use a website design, homepage and inner template package from India Web Wide Designs. It is very simple and easy to add your content. You can also change the default photo easily. New pages can also easily be added. You can easily customize this template to make it suitable according to your requirements. The inner page template can be re-used to create each of the inner pages needed to complete your new website.

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